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How to Play Street Hockey

If you're less than agile on skates or if you just don't like the cold, this guide will have you slapping that puck without the risk of slipping on the ice.


  • Step 1: Find a playing field Find a good place to play, such as a tennis court, a street cul-de-sac, a parking lot, or a flat rooftop.
  • TIP: Move indoors to a gymnasium or a large basement when the weather's too cold or when it rains.
  • Step 2: Get equipment Find some hockey sticks, a ball or street puck, and a simple net.
  • TIP: Be creative if you lack specific items –use a tennis ball or even a soda can if you don't have a puck; and use a soccer or badminton net.
  • Step 3: Wear protective gear Wear face masks, mouth guards, and eye protection – especially if you have braces or wear glasses.
  • Step 4: Practice in street shoes Practice in comfortable sneakers with good treads before moving on to rollerblades.
  • Step 5: Invite neighbors Invite friends and neighbors to play. Keep things casual as more people join in.
  • Step 6: Keep score Keep score using stones or sidewalk chalk. Count one point for each goal – but don't let the competition ruin your fun.
  • FACT: Impromptu games of street hockey sprung up in front of the White House after a section of Pennsylvania Avenue was closed in 1995 for security reasons.

You Will Need

  • Playing area
  • Street hockey sticks
  • Ball or street puck
  • Net
  • Protective gear and pads
  • Sneakers
  • Rollerblades
  • Friends and neighbors
  • Stones or sidewalk chalk
  • Indoor playing area (optional)

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