How to Train Your Brain to Retain Information

Train your brain to retain information with these tips, and fight the fear that you’re losing your faculties.

You will need

  • Lists
  • Songs and rhymes
  • Pen and paper
  • Quiet
  • secluded place
  • Speed reading exercises
  • Rest (optional)

Step 1 Create and memorize lists Create and memorize lists, organized alphabetically, logically, or however helps you to recall information. Test different systems to find the best one.

Step 2 Sing or rhyme Sing or rhyme the information so that you can recall it through the familiarity of music or word patterns.

Step 3 Review information Review information constantly, in short bursts and at staggered intervals to retain.

Step 4 Let it sink in Write information down in your own words. Then speak the words aloud so that you use several senses in the process.

Step 5 Find quiet places Find quiet, secluded places to study. Practice deep breathing while you read in order to concentrate.

Step 6 Utilize speed reading Utilize speed reading exercises. Scanning for key words and underlining can reinforce memory skills.