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How to Do the Million Dollar Monte Card Trick

Watch how quickly you become skilled at making cards magically jump from one place to another.


  • Step 1: Show cards Fan the three Monte cards, showing only the corner of the Ace and Two, and display them to the spectator. Keep the Three of Clubs on the top, since that is the only non-gimmicked card, and the Ace of Hearts with the gimmicked corner on the bottom.
  • Step 2: Place Ace face down Tell the spectator to watch the Ace. Turn the cards face down, turning them top to bottom as you do, and slide the Ace onto the table, being careful not to reveal the gimmick.
  • Step 3: Place Two in center and Three to other side Slide the gimmicked Two of Clubs next to the Ace, again being careful not to show the gimmick, and then place the Three next to the face-down Two.
  • Step 4: Ask the spectator where the Ace is Ask the spectator where the Ace is, and tap it on its spot in the center.
  • Step 5: Flip the card in the Ace’s spot Flip the card in the Ace’s spot, revealing that it is now the Two. Conceal the rest of the card from the spectator, and flip it quickly to reveal only the Two portion.
  • TIP: Practice flipping cards and revealing the different corners -- the quicker you become, the more convincing it will be that the cards are magically jumping around.
  • Step 6: Repeat the process Repeat the process, this time focusing on the Two in the center, concealing the Ace corner from the spectator. Each time will give the appearance that the card magically jumped into another spot.
  • FACT: The popular talk show host Johnny Carson was an amateur magician, and often featured magicians on some of his earlier shows.

You Will Need

  • Million Dollar Monte cards
  • Spectator
  • Table

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