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How to Know the Difference Between "Affect" & "Effect"

Impress friends and colleagues with your command of the English language by using "affect" and "effect" in the proper context.


  • Step 1: Use affect Use the word "affect" when describing having an influence on something. An example would be "The freezing weather affected the baseball player's performance."
  • TIP: "Affect" is usually used as a verb and "effect" is usually used as a noun. Both words can be used either way, though.
  • Step 2: Use affect as a noun Use "affect" as a noun when talking about someone's mood. For example, "The girl fell off her bike but showed little affect."
  • Step 3: Use effect Use "effect" to explain a result of something. For example, "Too much sun exposure has an effect upon the skin."
  • Step 4: Use effect as a verb Use "effect" to bring about or accomplish something. For example, "Tyler wished he could effect change in his sister."
  • FACT: Homonyms are words that share the same sound or spelling but have different meanings, such as pear, pair, and pare.

You Will Need

  • Good memory

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