How to Get Better Grades

With a little effort and focus, your next report card will sport better grades.

You will need

  • Seat in the front
  • Notebooks
  • Friend
  • tutor
  • or study group
  • Homework schedule (optional)

Step 1 Attend class Attend every class and be on time.

Step 2 Understand your assignments Understand your assignments. Make sure you know what is expected by your teacher.

Step 3 Sit in front Sit in front of the classroom, near other students who actively participate.

Step 4 Complete your homework Complete your assigned readings and work on time. Talk with your teacher if you are having difficulty with an assignment.

Step 5 Participate in discussions Participate in class. Ask questions and engage in discussions.

Step 6 Take notes Take notes and keep your notebooks organized. Jot down general ideas and concepts in class and then neatly rewrite your notes at home.

Step 7 Study Study with a friend, get a tutor, or join a study group. Take an active role in getting more out of class, and your grades will reflect your efforts.