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How to Craft a Turkey Gourd Thanksgiving Centerpiece

The holidays can be tough on your bank account, but here's an inexpensive way to make a great Thanksgiving centerpiece.


  • Step 1: Snip leaves off the branches Snip the artificial leaves off of the branches and glue them along the back of the bottom and the neck of the gourd to make feathers for your turkey.
  • TIP: Use a short handled dipper gourd that has a long, skinny neck and a fat, round bulb.
  • Step 2: Construct the wattle Cut a leaf in the shape of a wattle to hang from the turkey's neck and glue it to the underside of the neck of the gourd.
  • Step 3: Add face Add a face by drawing eyes and a mouth, or by cutting out eyes and a mouth from your leaves and gluing them to the gourd.
  • Step 4: Dress up the centerpiece Dress up your centerpiece by spreading leaves and artificial berries near the base of the turkey, or by adding your own personal touch with candles or other decorative pieces.
  • Step 5: Show off your centerpiece Invite some friends and family over and be sure to point out your hand-crafted centerpiece.
  • FACT: Some of the earliest guitars and violins in the United States were made from gourds.

You Will Need

  • Artificial tree branches
  • Scissors
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Gourd
  • Magic marker
  • Artificial berries
  • Candles

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