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How to Hold an Open Casting Call

If you're casting your play or film and need a lot of roles filled, consider an open casting call.


  • Step 1: Secure space Secure a large venue in which to hold the casting call. You’ll need space for people to wait for their call and a separate space for the actual audition. Make sure restrooms are available and that there's ample parking.
  • Step 2: Send notices Send out casting notices a month in advance to newspapers, trade papers, and casting web sites. Include the date and time of the auditions; materials to bring, such as headshots, resumes, and demo reels; and a list of parts you're casting.
  • TIP: Include brief descriptions of the main characters and supporting roles.
  • Step 3: Copy script pages Make several copies of pages from the script for each of the characters you're casting, called "sides." You may have the actors audition with a monologue, read the sides, or both.
  • Step 4: Use audition sheets Have the actors fill out an information sheet in the waiting room and then have them present it with their headshot and resume upon auditioning. Take a picture of the actor and attach it to their audition sheet.
  • Step 5: Be organized Be organized on the audition day by assigning specific duties to each member of your team to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Step 6: Treat everyone professionally Be polite and treat everyone at the audition professionally. These are potential co-workers on your project, so start things out on the right foot.
  • Step 7: Clean up Make sure the space is clean and tidy, or at least in the condition you found it, after you're done.
  • FACT: According to the Bureau of Labor’s May 2006 statistics, the median hourly earnings of actors were $11.61.

You Will Need

  • Audition space
  • Casting notices
  • Character list and descriptions
  • Sides
  • Audition sheets
  • Instant or digital camera
  • Organization
  • Team

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