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How to Use a Balance Beam

The balance beam is a gymnastics standby. It requires skill, control, and focus to master, but most anyone can learn the basics.


  • Step 1: Warm up Warm your body up with stretches.
  • Step 2: Start low Use a low balance beam that is close to the floor. Practice walking back and forth on the beam without losing your balance.
  • TIP: Place mats around the beam to cushion you if you fall.
  • Step 3: Walk on your tip-toes Walk across the beam on your tip-toes and practice your balance by keeping your hands on your hips and moving forward as you place your toes down on the beam.
  • Step 4: Add new moves Gradually add new moves to your practice as your confidence increases. Start with cartwheels and then move on to more complex moves.
  • TIP: Use a spotter or get a coach for more complex balance beam moves.
  • Step 5: Train Train off the beam three to four days a week, toning your body and improving your flexibility. Practice balance beam moves three to four times a week to improve your balance and skills.
  • FACT: Gymnast Nadia Comaneci set a world record for the most 10 scores at the Olympic Games in 1976.

You Will Need

  • Low balance beam
  • Beam shoes (optional)
  • Mats (optional)
  • Spotter or coach (optional)

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