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How to Deal with an Incompetent Boss

Millions of workers report to a moron. Here’s how to deal if you’re one of them… A worker, that is. Reporting to a moron.


  • Step 1: Keep cool Keep your emotions in check. No matter how your boss infuriates you, it’s never to your advantage to lose your temper or you might end up looking like the problem.
  • Step 2: Analyze your plight Analyze your situation. Is your boss truly incompetent—or just unknowledgeable about your area of expertise? If it’s the latter, diplomatically educate him.
  • Step 3: Keep things separate Keep your work separate from his mistakes by making copies of everything you do—especially if he’s trying to blame his bad work on you, or claiming your good ideas as his own.
  • TIP: Email is a great way to document your work—and you can CC your coworkers, if appropriate.
  • Step 4: Have witnesses Try to have witnesses when you’re interacting with the boss, especially when you’re presenting ideas.
  • Step 5: Inform a supervisor If your boss’ incompetence is affecting your work—and, more importantly, the company’s bottom line—inform his superior.
  • TIP: Going over your boss’ head can be dangerous—keep a journal of his buffoonery and collect any documented evidence to back up your claims.
  • Step 6: Look elsewhere If the situation doesn’t improve, request a transfer or find a new job—don’t sacrifice your self-esteem or reputation because of someone else’s idiocy.
  • FACT: According to a British poll, a whopping 70.8% of workers think their boss is incompetent.

You Will Need

  • Patience
  • Self-control
  • And ways to cover your ass

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