How to Style Your Hair with Wax, Pomade, or Paste

They may sound like awfully heavy things to be putting in your hair, but these products, used sparingly, are ideal for creating light, unstructured hairstyles.

You will need

  • A wax
  • pomade
  • or paste hairstyling product of your choice
  • A strong shampoo
  • A towel
  • Dishwashing liquid

Step 1 Towel dry hair Start with dry hair. If you’ve just gotten out of the shower, towel your hair completely dry before proceeding.

Step 2 Rub product in hands Rub the product vigorously between your hands until it emulsifies—that is, until it’s completely warmed and melted by the heat of your hands, with no clumps remaining.

Step 3 Skim product Skim the product across the top of your hair in both directions. With these products, you want to avoid working it all the way through your hair to your scalp.

Step 4 Style hair Style your hair as desired. For a textured look, pinch your hair up into spikes, then knock down certain sections with your fingertips.

Step 5 Remove product To remove the product, use a strong cleansing shampoo. You may need to shampoo more than once to remove any build-up. Wax is the hardest to rinse out—if shampoo isn’t working, try a squirt or two of dishwashing liquid.