How to Increase Your Vocabulary

Whether you are looking to improve your grades, seem smarter at work, or simply wanting to impress your friends, these tips will help you achieve your goal of an increased vocabulary.

You will need

  • Reading material
  • Dictionary
  • Notebook
  • Note cards
  • Word-a-day calendars
  • Internet access
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Address book (optional)

Step 1 Read as much as you can Read as much as you can to encounter words that you don’t already know.

Step 2 Look up the definitions unfamiliar words Use a dictionary to look up the definitions of the unfamiliar words that you come across in your reading.

Step 3 Keep a list of your new vocabulary words Use a notebook to keep a list of your vocabulary words. Write the definition as well as a sentence using the word to help you remember the context.

Step 4 Make vocabulary flash cards Create flashcards to reinforce your new words. Write the word on one side of a note card and the definition on the other. Quiz yourself by looking at the word and remembering the definition.

Step 5 Use word-a-day calendars and web sites Make efforts to learn a new word every day. Use a word-a-day calendar and web sites to introduce you to new words.

Step 6 Play word games Play word games. Use computer games or crossword puzzles to grow your vocabulary and help reinforce the words you are learning.

Step 7 Use your new words in daily conversation Use your new words in your daily conversations. Continue using and reviewing your words to reinforce what you’ve learned.