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How to Teach Your Kids Good Values

Create a foundation your child can build from by teaching them good values.


  • Step 1: Be a role model Be a role model by treating your children the way they should treat others. Be respectful and loving.
  • TIP: Surround them with people who share the same values as you.
  • Step 2: Teach responsibility Teach your children to be responsible by giving them chores and helping them to complete tasks.
  • TIP: If you subscribe to spiritual beliefs, instill similar beliefs in your children.
  • Step 3: Praise your children Praise your children for their positive actions.
  • Step 4: Get involved Get involved in your children's lives. Get to know their friends, their friend's parents, and their teachers.
  • Step 5: Monitor their activities Monitor their exposure to music, video games, TV, and the internet.
  • Step 6: Value the time Spend time with your children. Your presence plays a positive role in their lives.
  • FACT: In 2008, the U.S. video game market reached over $21 billion in sales.

You Will Need

  • Good values
  • Faith
  • Praise
  • Time

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