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How to Pack a Beer Cooler

The only thing worse than having only warm beer on hand? Having no beer on hand.


  • Step 1: Stack beers Stack a layer of beers, horizontally, on the bottom of the empty cooler.
  • TIP: Don't pack the beer in so tightly that there's no room for ice to flow between cans or bottles.
  • Step 2: Pour ice Pour ice over the beer.
  • Step 3: Sprinkle salt Sprinkle rock salt on top; it lowers the freezing point of ice, meaning the ice will melt into a freezing cold beer bath.
  • : Be sure to warn guests that there's rock salt in the ice so they don't unwittingly eat it!
  • Step 4: Stack second layer Neatly stack a second layer of beer into the cooler.
  • Step 5: Apply more ice Apply more ice and rock salt.
  • Step 6: Keep adding layers Keep adding new layers of beer, ice and salt until your cooler is full, and then keep the lid on—when there aren't hands reaching in for another.
  • FACT: Some beer connoisseurs believe beer tastes best at no less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

You Will Need

  • A large cooler
  • A few bags of ice
  • Cans or bottle of beers
  • And a box of rock salt

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