How to Save Paper

Think green and you'll be able to save trees and maybe put a little green in your pocket.

You will need

  • Shop eco-friendly
  • Use electronic devices
  • Rethink your print practices
  • Reusable containers
  • Cloth napkins and handkerchiefs
  • Recycled toilet paper

Step 1 Shop eco-friendly Shop eco-friendly by buying products in bulk or concentrate to reduce paper packaging waste. Choose products with minimal packaging.

Step 2 Go electronic Go electronic and text yourself your “to do” lists and memos. Send e-cards, pay bills online, eliminate junk mail, and invest in an e-reader.

Step 3 Change print practices Change your print practices to include using the “print range” feature to print only what is needed. Use the double-sided printing feature and e-mail documents whenever possible.

Step 4 Choose reusables Use reusable containers, napkins, and handkerchiefs.

Step 5 Make the switch Make the switch to toilet paper and other items produced with recycled paper and next time you hug a tree, you might get a hug back.