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How to Walk Your Way to a Flat Stomach

Successfully walk your way to a flatter stomach by combining a reduced-calorie diet, cardiovascular exercise, and toning exercises.


  • : Always consult a physician before attempting any exercise plan.
  • Step 1: Stand straight Stand straight. Look forward, keep your head up, pull in your stomach, and pull your shoulders slightly back.
  • Step 2: Relax arms Relax your arms and let them swing naturally, close to your body at a 90-degree angle when you walk.
  • Step 3: Walk Walk for 30 minutes every day when you start your regimen.
  • TIP: Break the 30 minutes into three 10-minute walks if necessary.
  • Step 4: Walk at a comfortable pace Walk at a comfortable pace – slow enough that you can comfortably carry on a conversation.
  • Step 5: Set realistic goals Set realistic, reachable goals for yourself. Keep track of your steps, time, and distance, which will help you set new goals.
  • Step 6: Gradually increase distance Gradually increase both distance and speed. Work your way to walking 45 to 60 minutes per day. The faster and longer you walk, the more calories you will burn.
  • Step 7: Walk with a friend Walk with a friend or join a local walking club to keep yourself motivated.
  • FACT: Did you know? The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults get two and a half hours of physical activity each week to stay healthy.

You Will Need

  • Correct posture
  • Pacing
  • Goals
  • Stamina
  • Friend or club

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