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How to Stack Wood

Keep your firewood dry, and you'll keep your fireplace glowing all winter long.


  • Step 1: Cut the wood the same length Use a saw to cut all of the wood a uniform length – long enough to fit in your fireplace – so it will stack well in a single row.
  • Step 2: Encourage drying Locate the stack in an area that gets plenty of sun and where the ends of the logs will be exposed to circulating air. This will encourage drying.
  • Step 3: Provide an elevated base Provide an elevated foundation so that air can pass beneath the stack. Keeping the wood off the ground will help it dry and will prevent mold growth.
  • TIP: Stack the wood on a pallet, concrete blocks, or on top of 2-by-4s. Make sure the base is stable.
  • Step 4: Keep stack layers level Stack the wood so that freestanding stacks have straight sides, and so the stacks don't lean. Keep the layers even and level.
  • TIP: Stack the wood in a single row against a fence.
  • Step 5: Cover the stack Cover the stack with plastic sheeting to protect it from rain. Leave some free space under the plastic for air circulation.
  • FACT: Wood used for heating is sold in units of cords. One cord is a stack 8 feet long, 4 feet high, and 4 feet wide.

You Will Need

  • Saw
  • Drying conditions
  • Elevated base
  • Plastic sheet
  • Pallets
  • blocks
  • or 2 x 4s (optional)
  • Fence (optional)

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