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How to Make a Temporary Tattoo

The sting of a tattoo needle isn’t your only option for cool one-of-a-kind tattoos. Use your computer to create a masterpiece for your skin.


  • Step 1: Open a new document Open your word-processing program and create a new document.
  • Step 2: Insert graphic Insert a graphic into the blank document from a clip art file, scanned image, or the internet.
  • TIP: Choose an image with a high resolution to ensure that your tattoo isn’t blurry when printed.
  • Step 3: Resize image Resize the image to fit the area of your body it will be applied to.
  • Step 4: Insert paper into printer Insert a sheet temporary tattoo printer paper into your printer.
  • TIP: Put only one piece of paper in the printer at a time to keep the paper from jamming or smearing.
  • Step 5: Print and let dry Print your image and let it dry for a few minutes.
  • Step 6: Follow directions Follow the manufacturer’s directions for application and sport your new 'ink' with attitude.
  • FACT: The tattoo machine was invented in 1891 by Samuel O’Reilly using an engraving machine built by Thomas Edison as his inspiration.

You Will Need

  • Word-processing program
  • Internet access
  • Graphic
  • Temporary-tattoo printer paper
  • High-resolution image (optional)

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