How to Craft Duct Tape Fabric

Waterproof, strong, and surprisingly versatile, duct tape can readily be fashioned into fabric that you can use to create a variety of crafts, from dresses to wallets.

You will need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors

Step 1 Determine the size Figure out how much fabric you need. Measure a segment of duct tape with a tape measure and mark the length and width with a pencil.

Step 2 Cut off strips of tape Cut off strips of tape with the scissors. Overlap the strips by ½ inch to make sheets of duct tape fabric.

Step 3 Overlap the strips of tape Flip the sheet 90 degrees and cover the sticky side with a perpendicular strip of tape. Continue until the whole swatch is covered, with no sticky sides visible.

Step 4 Repeat the steps Repeat the previous steps to create as many full sheets of fabric as you need.

Step 5 Trim the edges Trim the edges for a smooth finish. Now you can piece together your duct tape fabric to make an assortment of items.