How to Beat Your Addiction for Good

You keep saying you want to be rid of it, but nothing works. You need to want it badly enough.


  • Step 1: Bond in recovery Bond and interact with others in recovery. Join a peer support group or find friends who are doing something about their addictions so that you don’t feel alone.
  • Step 2: Remove yourself Avoid places where you are likely to come across your vice. Stay away from people and places where you will be reminded of it.
  • Step 3: Get rest Give yourself rest, relaxation, respect, and stability in every aspect of your life. For self-esteem, start by eating well, exercising, and pacing yourself.
  • Step 4: Conquer inaction Push yourself to conquer distraction, laziness, and inaction. Attend talks, read books for inspiration, and stay physically active to get reconnected with the world.
  • TIP: You don’t have to hit bottom to begin recovering.
  • Step 5: Examine your thought patterns Examine the thought patterns that lead to your addiction, and the denials you attempt. Identify your triggers and eliminate them.
  • Step 6: Treat this like any sickness Treat withdrawal as you would any sickness and stick it out. You are getting your health and life back and you need to toughen up.
  • TIP: If you think you’re having detox symptoms, seek medical help right away.
  • Step 7: Replace the addiction Find something that gives you more pleasure than the addiction. Build a discipline and gratitude around that activity.
  • FACT: Data from 2002 to 2007 show that 11.9 percent of U.S. children lived with a parent who abused alcohol or drugs.

You Will Need

  • Fellows in recovery
  • Rest
  • Physical activity
  • Self-examination
  • Toughness
  • Interests
  • Gratitude
  • Replacement activity

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