How to Handle Being a Perfectionist

Your drive is to strive and if you don’t watch it, your perfectionism may inhibit your being happy and alive. Forgive yourself and take a day off.

You will need

  • Honesty
  • Discipline
  • Humility
  • Gratitude

Step 1 Confront dissatisfaction Confront the discontentedness you experience from the imperfect world around you.

Step 2 Stop criticizing Deny yourself the option of criticizing others and let go of grudges you hold for your perception of being held back. Thinking can control feeling, not always the other way around.

Step 3 Force yourself Force yourself to have fun with others even if it feels like there’s much yet to accomplish. Practicing behavior can lead to good habits.

Step 4 Ask what you are fearing Contemplate what you think will happen if you’re not taking care of every detail, and then think about possible results.

Step 5 Admit your part Own your part in straining your relationships instead of being a victim. Seek to cooperate instead of control, complimenting people on their efforts.

Step 6 Choose happiness Choose to be happy and to accept others. The only one you can change is you- you’re fine the way you are. The world isn’t ending.

Step 7 Rethink mistakes Rethink your mistakes and view them as opportunities to improve. Congratulate yourself for not sweating the details.