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How to Improve Your Memory with the Memory Palace Technique

Memory can fade with age – stay sharp by using the Memory Palace technique to recall information.


  • Step 1: Choose your palace Select a place with many rooms that you can vividly picture in your mind's eye, such as your home or workplace.
  • Step 2: Chart a path Chart a specific route through every nook and cranny of your "palace." Always start in the same place, follow the same path, and end in the same place.
  • Step 3: Create "memory slots" Create a system for traveling through each room, such as always going from left to right. Note all of the features of each room, such as a desk, lamp, trash bin, dresser, and a painting – see each item as a "memory slot" where you can store information.
  • Step 4: Place objects along your path Associate objects or ideas you want to remember with features in your memory palace. Locate them on your route in the order that you want to remember them.
  • TIP: Exaggerate images to aid in the recall process. For instance, imagine tons of huge apples dangling from one of your houseplants to remind yourself to buy apples.
  • Step 5: Recall information Start at the beginning of your route and visit each feature in turn to readily recall the information you have stored. Soon people will comment on your excellent memory.
  • FACT: Memory recall dramatically drops within the first 20 minutes of learning something.

You Will Need

  • Familiar place
  • Vivid visual imagination

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