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How to Be a Stage Hypnotist

Do you dream of making people bark like dogs or dance like Elvis? If so, you might want to become a stage hypnotist. These tips will point you in the right direction.


  • Step 1: Obtain training in stage hypnosis Take courses in hypnosis stage techniques. Land an apprenticeship with an expert stage hypnotist.
  • TIP: Hypnosis is a state of believed-in imagination where distortions of perception and memory can occur.
  • Step 2: Enhance your reputation Build up your reputation in advance of your performance. Billing yourself as "the world's greatest hypnotist" will give your audience increased license to believe in your skills.
  • Step 3: Prep the audience Make your audience believe they can easily be hypnotized -- speak eloquently and use the power of suggestion to capture the audience's attention. Try to build a strong group consciousness.
  • Step 4: Observe the members of the audience Keep an eye on the audience for individuals who seem most engaged. When you ask for volunteers to come to the stage, choose those individuals.
  • Step 5: Place volunteers in a trance Attempt to place some volunteers in a hypnotic trance using conventional techniques of hypnosis.
  • Step 6: Offer hypnotic suggestions to the volunteers Offer hypnotic suggestions to the volunteers.
  • TIP: Most volunteers will not want to spoil the performance and will go along with your suggestions -- whether they are really hypnotized or not.
  • Step 7: Allow the volunteers to display unusual behavior Give the volunteers an opportunity to release their inhibitions and become the centers of attention as you suggest various types of outrageous behavior to them.
  • FACT: Did you know? Hypnotism is named for Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep.

You Will Need

  • Hypnosis training
  • Apprenticeship
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Audience
  • Eloquence
  • Volunteers
  • Hypnotic suggestions

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