How to Use a Bidet

No, that is not a sink or a toilet without a seat. It’s a bidet and it’s even better than wet wipes.

You will need

  • Toilet paper or paper towels
  • Soap

Step 1 Wipe your rear Wipe your rear end before approaching the bidet to prevent excess waste from washing into the bidet.

Step 2 Turn on the water Turn on the water, starting with the hot tap if it has one, and gradually adjusting the cold tap to a comfortable temperature.

Step 3 Adjust the spray Adjust the valves slowly until the spray reaches between 6 and 10 inches.

Step 4 Face the water valves Face the water valves and approach the bidet.

Step 5 Sit on the bidet Straddle the bidet and sit down. Adjust your bum so the water spray hits where you need it, and use soap to cleanse your hind end or genitals.

Step 6 Dry off Turn off the water and use toilet paper or paper towels to dry off. Throw the paper into a trash can, not the bidet.

Step 7 Wash your hands Pull your clothing back up, wash your hands, and enjoy that fresh, just-out-of-the-shower feeling.