How to Burn a DVD

You can save movies, pictures, and data files if you learn to burn a DVD.

You will need

  • Computer
  • Blank DVD
  • DVD drive
  • DVD burner
  • Software

Step 1 Save files Save the data files, pictures, videos, or music you want to burn in a folder on your computer.

Step 2 Insert blank DVD Insert the blank DVD into the disc drive. Some computers will automatically launch their DVD burner software; if that doesn’t happen, you will have to open your DVD burner software.

Step 3 Burn DVD Choose the option to burn a DVD in your DVD burner program, and then follow the prompts. You will be prompted to find the files you want to burn.

Step 4 Choose quantity Choose the number of copies you want to make. Make sure you have enough blank discs to burn the number of copies you need.