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How to Hit Your Mark

Walking to a spot on the floor without looking down is a difficult part of screen acting. These tips will help you hit your mark without a hitch.


  • Step 1: Note the marks Note the spots on the floor that are usually marked with bright-colored gaffer tape in an "X" or "T" formation. There may be one or several in each scene. To stay in the frame and in focus, you must hit them exactly.
  • Step 2: Do a walk-through Do a walk-through rehearsal, saying your lines and stopping at the marks at the appropriate places in the script while counting your steps to know exactly how many steps lead to each mark.
  • TIP: Repeatedly walk from your first position to your mark until you can literally do it with your eyes closed.
  • Step 3: Look for markers Look for visual markers, like a piece of furniture or other decor, at your eye level during blocking run-throughs.
  • TIP: Don't use other actors as markers; they may not be consistent in their movements.
  • Step 4: Be motivated Have a motivation in mind when you walk to each mark to avoid looking stilted. If there is no natural way to proceed to a particular mark, discuss it with your director.
  • Step 5: Practice Practice at home before coming to set, with a video camera on a tripod filming you. Hitting marks will come more easily the more you do it.
  • FACT: "Martini Shot" is film set slang for the wrap shot or last take of the day – rooted in the old inside joke: ''The next shot is in a glass.''

You Will Need

  • Mental note of the marked spots
  • Walk-through rehearsal
  • Step count
  • Visual markers
  • Motivation
  • Practice
  • Video camera and tripod

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