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How to Ride a Unicycle

Don't run away and join the circus before you master the art of the unicycle.


  • Step 1: Suit up Put on your helmet and pads. You can expect to fall down a lot at first.
  • Step 2: Get on Put one pedal at its lowest position and put your foot on the pedal. Hold onto a wall or railing and pull your body up and onto the seat.
  • TIP: Put your weight on the saddle instead of leaning hard on the pedals. Remember this saying: "Weight on the seat, not on the feet."
  • Step 3: Balance Practice balancing while holding onto a wall or railing by rocking the unicycle back and forth in half-pedal turns.
  • Step 4: Move forward Pedal forward using the wall or railing as a guide. When you get going, let go and hold your arms out for balance.
  • TIP: Sit up straight. Hunching over will throw off your balance.
  • Step 5: Step off If you start to fall, step off the unicycle and let it fall down.
  • Step 6: Stay up Keep practicing until you get comfortable. Pedal faster to catch up with the wheel when it gets out in front, and pedal slower when it falls behind.
  • Step 7: Add new moves Add new moves. Shift your body weight to turn, and pedal backwards to move the unicycle backwards.
  • FACT: A unicycle that is over 5 feet tall is called a "giraffe unicycle."

You Will Need

  • Helmet
  • Elbow and knee pads
  • Unicycle
  • Wall or railing

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