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How to Speed Up Windows XP

If your Windows XP-equipped operating system is getting sluggish, this guide will help you give your computer a little more pep.


  • Step 1: Defragment your computer Use the Defragment and Disk Cleanup options on your computer by going to the Tools tab under Properties for your hard drive.
  • TIP: Defragmenting and Disk Cleanup functions may take several hours to run, so only perform these tasks when you don't need your computer for awhile.
  • Step 2: Empty the Startup folder Empty your Startup folder to decrease boot time by clicking on the Start button, selecting Programs, and then deleting items in the Startup folder.
  • Step 3: Delete large files Delete large files, such as movies, music, or pictures, to free up memory on your hard drive. Then empty the Recycle Bin on your Desktop.
  • Step 4: Update virus protection Update your virus and spyware protection and run a full system scan. This may also take some time, so be prepared to wait.
  • Step 5: Upgrade Upgrade your computer with a faster processor, more memory, and the latest operating system if you need a more dramatic increase in performance.
  • FACT: Cheaply manufactured diamond processors can withstand the heat of extreme speeds where most silicon chips would melt.

You Will Need

  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Time

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