How to Write an Online Review

If you have something to say and want it to be heard, this guide will show you how to share your opinion online.


  • Step 1: Make it brief Make the review as brief as possible to entice people to read it. Limit yourself to three or four important points.
  • TIP: Web sites often limit reviews to 500 words or less – in some cases, 200 words or less.
  • Step 2: Use strong words Use strong verbs, adjectives, and nouns to describe everything with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Step 3: Be honest Write positively or negatively about your subject – be honest and give a clear reason why you liked or disliked something.
  • TIP: Break up long passages of text with bulleted lists and highlight important points with words in bold or in all caps.
  • Step 4: Speak from experience Speak from experience to an audience that is just like you and realize that, as the consumer, your opinion counts.
  • Step 5: Use the active role Use the active voice and not the passive. Don't be afraid to inject humor and energy and have fun with it.
  • FACT: The term Blog, short for Web Log, celebrated its 10-year anniversary since it was coined by Jorn Barger in 1997.

You Will Need

  • Brevity
  • Strong verbs
  • adjectives
  • and nouns
  • Honesty
  • Clarity
  • Experience
  • Clear voice
  • Bulleted lists (optional)
  • Boldface type (optional)

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