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How to Optimize Your Web Connection

If your high-speed internet connection is more of a fizzle than a bang, this guide will help you surf the web at warp speed with a few minor changes.


  • Step 1: Install a router Install a router to negotiate the best connection between you and the web while resolving connectivity issues.
  • Step 2: Disable Add-ons and Plug-ins Disable unused Add-ons and Plug-ins through your internet browser. While they help you view content, they also waste bandwidth when they're not being used.
  • TIP: Ask a tech-savvy friend to help you if you're unsure where to look or are uncomfortable doing it on your own.
  • Step 3: Increase the browser cache Increase your browser's cache to stop downloading repetitive content from websites you visit frequently, like your homepage.
  • Step 4: Turn off automatic services Turn off automatic downloading services such as podcast subscriptions and automatic virus updates. Do these when you're not surfing instead.
  • Step 5: Avoid peak hours Avoid using the internet or trying to download large files during peak hours. This is typically from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.
  • FACT: At 40 gigabytes per second, a 75-year-old Swedish woman has the fastest residential uplink in the world and can download a full-length movie in about two seconds.

You Will Need

  • Router
  • Moderate computer literacy
  • Tech-savvy friend (optional)

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