How to Plan an Earth Day Date

Feeling frisky for a spring fling? Plan a green date and show your partner you care about them and the Earth.

You will need

  • Natural fiber clothes
  • Potted plant
  • Vegan meal
  • Contraception
  • Shower (optional)
  • Bike (optional)

Step 1 Go au naturel Dress for your date in natural fiber clothes that are manufactured and sold locally, which means less energy spent on production and shipping. Don’t wear leather or furs – the resulting wastewater from tanning hides contains considerable toxins.

Step 2 Get there in style Use your own power to travel to your date. If you can’t walk or take a bike to reach them, use public transportation, which shows your commitment to greening the planet.

Step 3 Bring something Give your date a green gift. Choose potted plants over cut flowers – the former help reduce household levels of volatile organic compounds, while the latter often require considerable energy to grow out of season and transport to your area.

Step 4 Visit the garden of delights Cook a vegan dinner for your date – raising animals for food taxes natural resources. Use vegetables that are in season, grains, and legumes grown as locally as possible, and avoid processed foods, which require extraneous packaging.

Step 5 Keep it green After dinner, find a green activity. A moonlit experience outdoors can show your sensitive side and give you a chance to get close without staring at an energy-sucking screen.

Step 6 Wrap it up If going green puts you in the mood, use contraception. Not only will you be combating overpopulation – a leading environmental threat – but it may even get you a second date.