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How to Rewrite Seven Outdated Fashion Rules

Don't be a slave to dos and don'ts you learned years ago; there are many rules you can – and should – break.


  • Step 1: Embrace horizontal stripes Embrace horizontal stripes. Contrary to accepted wisdom, they don't make you look fat. In fact, visual perception research has indicated they may actually make you look thinner.
  • Step 2: Slim down in gray If you're wearing mostly black because you think it's slimming, switch to charcoal gray. Since black soaks up light, it can make you appear bigger. Color experts say gray is more slimming.
  • Step 3: Mix patterns and prints Mix patterns and prints. Far from being a fashion no-no, it can be a fabulous look, as long as the colors are complementary.
  • TIP: Refrain from mixing patterns with more than two colors each.
  • Step 4: Pile on the jewelry Pile on the jewelry: The old rule was less is more, but now more is more! Also, the line between day and night has blurred, with glittery baubles perfectly appropriate for daytime.
  • Step 5: Wear blue with green Forget the old saying, "blue and green should never be seen." Navy goes with everything, including green. Feel free to mix brown and black, too.
  • Step 6: Don't freeze your toes Don't freeze your feet in open-toe shoes; it's perfectly fine to wear tights with them, as long as they're chunky kicks, not lightweight sandals.
  • FACT: Semi-sheer pantyhose in "suntan" are always a fashion don't, according to today's style experts.

You Will Need

  • Clothes with horizontal stripes
  • Gray
  • Patterns and prints
  • Jewelry
  • Blue and green ensembles
  • Black and brown ensembles
  • Tights with open-toe shoes

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