How to Make a Mud Hut

If you find yourself lost without a cave to hide in or volleyball to talk to, this guide will show you how to protect yourself from the elements for the long term.

You will need

  • Straight tree limbs
  • Clay filled soil
  • Water
  • Dead grass
  • Rocks
  • Saplings or large leaves
  • Fertile soil (optional)

Step 1 Drive poles into ground Drive several straight tree limbs at least 1 foot into the ground every 8 to 10 inches along a single line. This is your first wall line.

Step 2 Make mortar Make mud mortar by mixing together two parts clay soil, two parts water, and one part dead grass in a large pit.

Step 3 Collect rocks Collect rocks to reinforce the walls and allow the mud to adhere vertically.

Step 4 Layer rocks and mortar Layer the rocks and mortar against the poles to keep the wall straight and keep it from caving in.

Step 5 Build remaining walls and roof Build the remaining walls, and then lay more limbs across the tops of the walls and layer saplings or large leaves to construct the roof.

Step 6 Seal cracks inside Slather the mud mixture over the inside to seal cracks or weak spots and to give the walls a smooth texture.