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How to Block Your Number from Caller ID

Whether you are about to call someone you met online or for any other personal reason, keep your privacy by blocking your phone number from the receiver's caller ID.


  • Step 1: Dial *67 Dial star 67 prior to dialing the phone number. This will block your number from showing up on the receiver's caller ID from your cell phone or land line.
  • Step 2: Block caller ID from all calls Call your phone company and request per-line blocking to block caller ID from all calls made from that specific phone line.
  • TIP: Your phone company may charge a fee for this service.
  • Step 3: Use a prepaid phone card Use a prepaid phone card to make phone calls. A phone using a prepaid card will not register on caller ID
  • FACT: You can dial star-82 or 1182 on rotary phones to unblock your phone number from a blocked line and to reveal your phone number or to complete a phone call made to a party that does not accept calls from blocked numbers.

You Will Need

  • Phone
  • Desire for privacy

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