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How to Buy Socks

Kids, grannies, workers, athletes, students -- we all need socks to protect our feet, enhance performance, or just to be comfortable. It all starts with buying the right socks for your purposes.


  • Step 1: Identify use Identify your use of and needs for socks. Are they for outdoor recreation and everyday use or dress and holiday wear? Know if you need socks for a diabetic or for your kid's soccer practice.
  • Step 2: Understand fibers Understand fibers used in socks today. Buy socks made from cotton for wickability, acrylic for durability, wool for insulation, or synthetic fibers for quick-drying qualities.
  • TIP: Choose fiber blends for socks with enhanced versatility and comfort.
  • Step 3: Size Size socks to fit snugly but not tightly, checking online or package charts for the correct fit. Keep in mind that you generally need a larger sock size than shoe size, and that growing kids change sizes frequently.
  • TIP: Avoid one-size-fits-all socks if you want a perfect fit.
  • Step 4: Consider styles Consider height and weight preferences when you buy socks, choosing from low-cuts to thigh-highs and lightweight synthetic socks to densely padded styles.
  • Step 5: Purchase in bulk Buy in bulk from online outlets or auctions, liquidators or surplus stores. This can slice as much as sixty percent off retail prices, saving you on adult, kids', and specialty styles.
  • Step 6: Hit sales Hit sales to get optimal pricing, whether buying online or at the mall, by the pair or in bulk. Keep mom, dad, and the kids stocked up on footwear providing value, style, protection, and comfort.
  • FACT: Astronauts aboard the International Space Station change socks only every other day because washing machines are unavailable and space is limited.

You Will Need

  • Your size
  • Sock type knowledge
  • Understanding offibers used in socks
  • A sock outlet

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