How to Fill Up a Gas Tank

We all have to fill up our gas tanks to keep us getting where we want to go. Get your fill on the proper way to fill up your gas tank at the gas pump.

You will need

  • Vehicle
  • Owner's manual
  • Patience

Step 1 Determine gas tank side Check to see what side of your car the gas tank is on and pull up to the gas pump accordingly.

Step 2 Turn car off Place the car in park and turn off your car.

Step 3 Pay Pay at the pump with a credit card or pay the attendant inside the station.

Step 4 Open gas cap Open the door to your gas tank and unscrew the cap. Lift up the gas nozzle and select the octane level you want for your gas.

Step 5 Squeeze nozzle Squeeze the nozzle and fill up your tank on slow mode. Turn your head away so as to not breathe in the fumes.

Step 6 Remove nozzle Remove the nozzle from the gas spout and place it back into position once the tank is full. Do not keep pumping after it automatically shuts off.

Step 7 Screw up gas cap Screw the gas cap back on and shut the door. Fill up your gas tank once it gets to about half empty and make sure your tires are fully inflated to help increase your gas mileage.