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How to Do the Shim Shell Quarter Coin Trick

This is an exciting illusion that changes one coin for another right in front of your eyes.


  • Step 1: Conceal magnet Conceal the magnet by palming it in your right hand or hiding it in your fingers before the trick.
  • TIP: Hide the magnet inside a wristband or watch.
  • Step 2: Place quarter in palm Place the shim quarter in your left palm, faceup. The shim is magnetized and conceals a real two-euro coin underneath it.
  • Step 3: Close hand Wave your right hand over your left palm and assert that you will change a quarter into a two-euro piece right before their eyes.
  • Step 4: Catch with magnet Catch the quarter with the concealed magnet and discretely lower your right hand and pocket the coin.
  • Step 5: Reveal Reveal that the quarter has magically become a two-euro coin. Let your audience inspect the real euro.
  • FACT: A real two-euro coin has lettering around the edge as a security measure to prevent counterfeiting.

You Will Need

  • Small
  • thin magnet
  • Shim shell gimmick quarter
  • 2-euro coin
  • Spectators
  • Wristband or watch (optional)

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