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How to Do the Classic Coin Transposition Trick

A simple coin flip becomes magically captivating when there's transposition magic involved!


  • Step 1: Apply lip balm Apply a generous amount of lip balm to the back of your left hand, beneath the knuckle of your index finger.
  • TIP: Petroleum jelly, a glue stick, or other transparent, sticky substances work, too.
  • Step 2: Attach dime Attach the dime to your hand by pressing it onto the lip balm.
  • Step 3: Show your empty hands Display your empty palms to your spectator. Hold your hands open with your palms out, and making sure to conceal the back of your hand with the dime on it.
  • Step 4: Rub your palms Rub each of your palms with your fingertips. First your right palm with the fingers of your left hand, and then your left hand with the fingers of your right.
  • Step 5: Slide dime into palm Slide the dime with your right thumb from the back of your hand into the fingers of your right hand while you rub your left palm.
  • Step 6: Reveal Reveal the dime from thin air in your right hand.
  • Step 7: Disappear the dime Pretend to rub the dime into your left palm and transfer it from your fingers to your left thumb, pressing it back onto the back of your left hand. Slowly open both palms, showing that the dime has vanished.
  • FACT: The first U.S. commemorative coin, produced in 1892, featured Christopher Columbus.

You Will Need

  • Lip balm or other like substance
  • Dime
  • Spectator
  • Petroleum jelly or glue stick (optional)

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