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How to Get on a Stadium Jumbotron

Next time you go to a game, don't just be a spectator -- get on the Jumbotron and be part of the spectacle!


  • Step 1: Become the ultimate fan Dress up as the ultimate home-team fan. Exciting the crowd is one of the Jumbotron operator's main goals; go beyond face and body paint to find a unique method of bringing everyone to their feet.
  • Step 2: Shake it Anytime music plays, try out some new dance moves. Test the limits of your limbs and your rhythmic sense -- the more funny ways you find to express yourself, the better chance you have of getting noticed by the camera operator.
  • TIP: Keep telling yourself that the audience is laughing with you to save your ego.
  • Step 3: Follow the fame Get close to any celebrities in the stands. Maintain enough distance to avoid detection; then, when the celeb's inevitably shown on the Jumbotron, run into the row behind them, smile, and wave.
  • Step 4: Fight, team, fight Find a mascot roaming the sidelines, wait until they're clear of any other spectators; then, rush them! When the Jumbotron begins showing the fight, stop punching, raise your fists to the camera, and sprint away from stadium security.
  • Step 5: Use your money Pay for an announcement. Come up with a message that's classy and memorable, or at least something you'll feel comfortable telling 50,000 strangers.
  • TIP: Some stadiums donate the money made from Jumbotron announcements to charity.
  • Step 6: Get in the game Run onto the field, court, or ice, and interrupt a live play. Though it may result in a lifetime ban from the stadium or even an arrest, catching a fly ball or blocking a shot is a guaranteed way to get your face seen by thousands at the stadium -- and the millions watching SportsCenter at home.
  • FACT: In 1985, Sony debuted the Jumbotron in Tsukuba Science City, Japan.

You Will Need

  • Lack of shame
  • Home-team paraphernalia
  • Love of dance
  • Celebrity
  • Speed
  • Money

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