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How to Drive More Safely with the 2010 Ford Taurus

The 2010 Ford Taurus goes beyond conventional safety standards with its new and innovative features that reduce the risk of everyday road hazards -- taking defensive driving to a whole new level. Steve Kozak, Ford Motor Company's Chief Safety Systems Engineer, highlights these technologies, which include adaptive cruise control with collision warning, blind spot information systems, and cross traffic alert.


Man 1: Three new radar on the new Taurus. Those radar are there to give the customer advanced information, the kind of information that they can use to prevent them from getting into an accident.

Our new technologies that we have in the Taurus, the adaptive cruise control which has collision warning and brake support along with the Blind Spot Information System. This is the radar that we have in the back of the vehicle. There is one in each corner, and it covers the area that the rear view mirror and the side view mirrors do not see. The system could work in city traffic, it can work on highway traffic at all speeds, and it gives you a small icon in the mirror to let you know when someone is in that blind spot and you know not to merge into that lane.

The Cross Traffic Alert is one of the best features that it has. So you have the two radar on each side of the car, and they are back there for the blind spot information, and it lights the lights in the mirror. And it lets you know right or left, which direction they're coming from and then there is a small message center at the bottom of the speedometer that says "Vehicle approaching from the right", "Vehicle approaching from the left", or "Vehicle approaching from both directions." You can back out and go on your way.

When we first developed this system, I challenged my engineers. I said, "Guys, I want to be able to back out of the Home Depot parking lot and not have to worry about somebody coming down the aisle." So that's exactly what the engineers went off and did.

On a monthly basis we give an award to the different engineers for their contributions for innovations in safety, and we have a, what we call the Safety Cup. It looks kind of like the Stanley Cup. We picked it up from a local sporting goods place here. Mike, you've won the Safety Cup before, so Mike Lopez here, he has won the Safety Cup for excellent service in communicating what we do here at Ford Motor Company trying to get our word across on how these new safety features are.

Mike: Thanks.

Man 1: All right. In the past engineers have been more concerned with what happens once you get into a crash and things like seat belts and airbags, and now we are going to take it to the next level which is trying to prevent an accident by taking these small steps today we are on the road to a vehicle that not only will be able to make it safer for the driver but it'll make it safer for everyone.

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