How to Lose Weight Fast

Want to drop a couple of pounds quickly for a special occasion, or jump-start a slow and sensible weight loss plan? Get started with these tricks.

You will need

  • Restricted diet
  • Willpower

Step 1 Do the math Know the mathematics of losing weight: You must cut 3,500 calories from your food intake to drop one pound of fat. To do that, you have to eat fewer calories than you burn each day.

Step 2 Limit your foods Limit your variety of foods. Some studies have indicated that more choices mean more calories consumed.

Step 3 Try fruit and milk Try the milk and fruit diet: Have a cup of full-fat milk for breakfast; any kind or amount of fruit for lunch; one or two cups of milk for dinner; and unlimited fruits in between. The exception is bananas, which are high in sugar and starch.

Step 4 Eat alot of eggs Like eggs? Try this for three days: Two eggs and a piece of fruit for breakfast; two egg whites and 4 ounces of boiled chicken, fish, or meat for lunch; and unlimited steamed vegetables for dinner.

Step 5 Go on a liquid diet Go on a liquid diet: Eat nothing but homemade soups and juices made from whole, pureed fruits and vegetables for up to one week. Avoid commercial fruit juices and soups; they contain too much sugar and salt, respectively, to promote fast weight loss.

Step 6 Don't get discouraged Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stick to a crash diet. For most people, slow and steady is a better plan.