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How To Grow Lettuce

Whether you are growing lettuce hydroponically or from seed in your garden, nothing tastes better than home-grown lettuce.


  • Step 1: Consider growing hydroponic lettuce Consider growing lettuce hydroponically if you want lettuce throughout the year. This can be done in a greenhouse or at home in pots.
  • TIP: Search online or visit a hydroponics store for more information about using this method.
  • Step 2: Start seeds indoors Start your seeds indoors, ¼-inch deep, ½-inch apart, in a 4-inch deep container. Start the seeds 3 to 4 weeks before transplanting outside.
  • Step 3: Choose area Choose an area with well-draining soil where your plants will receive full sun.
  • Step 4: Prep your soil Prepare your soil bed by breaking up the soil with garden tools, adding 2 to 4 inches of compost, and digging a ½-inch trench for the seedlings.
  • Step 5: Plant the seedlings Plant the seedlings after the last frost, spaced according to package directions. Different varieties of lettuce require different spacing.
  • TIP: Mulch the plants in early summer to keep the soil cool and moist.
  • Step 6: Water Water the plants on a regular basis. Avoid watering in the evening, which attracts snails and slugs.
  • Step 7: Harvest Harvest the leaves when they are large enough to eat. Pick the leaves in the early morning when the leaves are crisp.
  • FACT: Ancient Egyptians grew lettuce for the oils that were extracted from its seeds.

You Will Need

  • Lettuce seeds
  • Container
  • Sunlight
  • Soil bed
  • Garden tools
  • Compost
  • Water
  • Research (optional)
  • Internet access (optional)
  • Mulch (optional)

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