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How to Hit a Softball

Hitting a slow-pitched, high-arcing softball harder and farther takes hand-eye coordination, patience, and rhythm. Add power to your swing and hit farther home runs than you ever have before.


  • Step 1: Cut stick from broom Cut the stick from an old broom and practice hitting ping-pong balls. Have a friend lob them to you in the back yard to develop your eye. When you're ready for the real thing, switch to using your bat and a softball.
  • Step 2: Use good posture Square your shoulders when batting and hold the bat with your hands stacked one on top of the other, relaxed and not squeezing. To go for home runs, grip the bat with the index finger and thumb of your top hand wrapped around the bat handle, keeping your grip loose to increase bat speed.
  • TIP: Whether hitting fast- or slow-pitch softball, concentrate on swinging through the top of the ball to drill a line drive with top spin so it doesn't rise and can't be easily caught. Strong hitters aim for the lower part of the ball to gain distance.
  • Step 3: Cock elbow, wait Cock your back elbow slightly and wait for the ball toward your waist over your back foot. Control is as important as power -- don't rush.
  • Step 4: Bend back knee, push off Bend your back knee as the ball drops to between your chest and waist. Stay back on your back foot an instant before pushing off and swinging into the ball.
  • Step 5: Step Step as the ball comes into range so you don't reach higher than your chest with an upper cut. Keep your eyes on the ball.
  • Step 6: Time pitch Time the pitch and swing smoothly, meeting the ball out in front of you, following through rather than stopping or punching it. Snap the bat around, extending both arms and turning the top hand over as you do.
  • Step 7: Make someone run Make someone chase down all of your fantastic home runs.
  • FACT: The inaugural Men's Slow Pitch Championship, called the "Border Battle" between the Canadian and American National teams, was played July 18, 2009.

You Will Need

  • Broomstick
  • Ping-pong balls
  • Friend
  • Bat
  • Softball
  • Firm grip
  • Timing
  • Focus
  • Strength

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