How to Dance at Your Wedding

Wow your guests – or just learn enough not to embarrass yourself – with these first dance tips.

You will need

  • Song with a clear beat
  • Size and shape of dance floor
  • Dips
  • turns
  • or spins
  • Choreography
  • Practice
  • Dance instructor (optional)

Step 1 Pick your song Pick your wedding song. Choose something meaningful, but make sure it has a clear, steady beat and isn’t too slow. Between two and three minutes is a good length. Your song selection will likely determine your dance style.

Step 2 Choose a style No special song? Look for inspiration based on the style of dance you want. Formal ballroom? Sassy Latin? Upbeat swing? A sexy tango? Then find a song to match.

Step 3 Take lessons Take a few lessons. Learning a simple routine takes about four sessions. Bring a recording of your song and wear the shoes you’ll be wearing at the reception.

Step 4 Know the dance floor size Take the size and shape of the dance floor into consideration. Make sure your routine is neither too sweeping nor too insular.

Step 5 Add some extras Learn one or two dips, turns, or spins so the photographer has something lively to capture.

Step 6 Practice Whatever you decide to do, spend some time rehearsing it. When the big day comes, you’ll be glad you did.