How to Pick a Stroller

You will be pushing your child in a stroller for at least a couple of years, so use these suggestions to help you decide on the best one for you.

You will need

  • Internet access
  • Restraint system
  • Canopy
  • Adjustable seat
  • Storage area
  • Collapsibility
  • Removable fabric
  • Five-point harness (optional)

Step 1 Check for recalls Check for stroller recalls at Safety is your top priority.

Step 2 Choose a restraint system Choose a stroller with a restraint system that easily latches and unlatches.

Step 3 Protect your child with a canopy Protect your child from the sun, rain, and wind with an adjustable canopy.

Step 4 Choose an adjustable seat Choose a seat that is adjustable. This is a must for infants that can’t support their head.

Step 5 Buy with storage Buy a stroller with a storage area so you can keep diapers, bottles, and toys readily available.

Step 6 Look for a stroller that folds easy Look for a stroller that folds with one hand or foot. This leaves one hand free for your baby.

Step 7 Buy a stroller with removable fabric Buy a stroller with removable fabric for easy cleaning.