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How to Use Professional Makeup Artists' Top Tricks

You don't need a personal makeup artist to achieve a flawless face – just some of their insider information!


  • Step 1: Fill in frown lines Fill in any laugh lines with highlighter before you apply foundation. It helps create an even base for your makeup.
  • Step 2: Powder your lashes Lightly brush your lashes with face powder before applying mascara. The powder and the mascara will form a paste to temporarily thicken your lashes.
  • TIP: Use a lengthening mascara for your first coat, and a volumizing one for your second.
  • Step 3: "Tightline" your lids Use the makeup-artist trick known as tightlining: Apply black eyeliner underneath upper lash lines and between upper lashes to make your lashes look fuller.
  • Step 4: Highlight your peepers Dab a little highlighter or apply a cream-colored eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes – near the bridge of your nose – and just under your eyebrows, along the brow bone. It will catch the light, making eyes appear wider.
  • Step 5: Prep your lips Color bare lips with a lip pencil that matches your natural lip color before applying lipstick; it will help the color adhere. Or, press some rosy eye shadow on top of lip balm for all-day color.
  • Step 6: Gloss over lip areas Put a dab of clear lip gloss or petroleum jelly in the indentation in the center of your upper lip and in the center of your lower one; it will make both look plumper. Picture perfect!
  • FACT: Award-winning actress Meryl Streep has worked with the same makeup artist on every single one of her films since the early 1980s.

You Will Need

  • Highlighter
  • Foundation
  • Face powder
  • Mascara
  • Black eyeliner
  • Cream-colored eye shadow
  • Pencil in your lip shade
  • Rosy eyes shadow
  • Lip balm
  • Clear lip gloss or petroleum jelly
  • Lengthening mascara (optional)
  • Volumizing mascara (optional)

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