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How to Be a Loyal Fan

If standing in sub-zero temperatures in body paint seems a bit excessive, this guide will help you show your fanaticism in more creative ways.


  • Step 1: Go to every game Go to every game you can, even if mother nature decides to rain on your parade or unleash a hurricane or two.
  • Step 2: Collect merchandise Collect all the merchandise you can -- from ticket stubs to clothing to office supplies.
  • Step 3: Decorate Decorate your apartment, bedroom, or cubicle as shamelessly as possible with as many collectibles as you can find.
  • Step 4: Initiate others Initiate family members or friends into your fandom by inviting them to join you for a game.
  • TIP: Share your love for your favorite sports team with your son or daughter to create the next generation of fans.
  • Step 5: Speak positively Speak positively about your team and always find the silver lining, especially when everyone else has doubts.
  • Step 6: Wait for next season Keep hope alive for next season and champion all the trades and moves your team makes to finally reach the post season.
  • FACT: In 2009, The Dallas Cowboys completed a record-breaking $1.2 billion stadium with all new amenities to show their appreciation for their fans.

You Will Need

  • Devotion
  • Merchandise
  • Positive outlook

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