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How to Talk Your Company into Implementing a Four-Day Work Week

In 2008, Utah became the first state in the nation to mandate a four-day work week for state employees. Convince your boss that implementing a similar program is a brilliant move.


  • Step 1: Refute the idea of lost time Tell your company they won't be losing a day, but will be transferring the time, by suggesting four 10-hour days.
  • TIP: If you work for a government office, point out that a longer day means that people who couldn't make it to your office due to work or school schedules will have two more hours.
  • Step 2: Pull out the energy bills Pull out the energy bills. When Utah switched to the four-day work week, they had a 13 percent reduction in energy consumption the first year.
  • Step 3: Proclaim that it is green Proclaim that a shorter work week is good for environment, as it cuts down on carbon dioxide emissions from commuting.
  • Step 4: Mention lower gas costs Mention, while on the subject of commuting, that one less work day means less money for employees to spend on gas. In Utah, gas costs dropped $6 million dollars the first year for participants.
  • Step 5: Seal the deal Seal the deal by pointing out that the change will increase productivity and save the company money. Utah reported fewer sick days, and 161,000 hours less overtime.
  • FACT: According to a 2008 survey, 57 percent of employers offer at least one or more programs to help employees deal with the high cost of commuting.

You Will Need

  • Utility figures
  • Environmental facts
  • Productivity facts

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