How to Tell If Food Has Gone Bad

Eating fresh food is important for you and your family to stay safe from dangerous bacteria. Use these tips to recognize when food goes bad.

You will need

  • Sense of sight
  • Sense of smell
  • Sense of touch

Step 1 Check the expiration date Check the expiration date on the product to determine its shelf-life.

Step 2 Avoid sticky and slimy meat Avoid meat and poultry that is slimy, tacky to the touch, or that emits a bad odor.

Step 3 Smell fish for freshness Smell fish for freshness. Fish should be odorless, have no signs of yellowing, and should not curl at the edges.

Step 4 Get rid of potatoes Get rid of potatoes that have a wrinkly appearance, are discolored, or develop sprouts.

Step 5 Throw away canned food Throw away canned foods that are leaking, bulging, or have a foul smell. These are indications of botulism.

Step 6 Toss milk Toss milk that has a bad odor or the consistency of yogurt.

Step 7 Discard fruits and vegetables Discard fruits and vegetables that are wilting, mushy, slimy, or smell bad.