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How to Gain Weight Fast

Whether you're recovering from an illness, are a growing teen, or you are an athlete trying to bulk up, a little information can go a long way in helping you pack on a few extra pounds.


  • : Consult your physician before making major dietary changes.
  • Step 1: Pack it in Packing on pounds requires eating calorie-dense foods. Schedule three highly nutritious meals and several snacks throughout the day.
  • Step 2: Add calories Add calories to every meal and snack with healthy, high calorie foods, like avocados and nuts, and increase quantities of cereal, rice, pasta, and other carbohydrates.
  • TIP: Limit drinking filling beverages when you eat.
  • Step 3: Reduce cardio exercise Reduce cardio workouts that raise metabolism, but continue compound exercises to work the muscle groups, and eat following exercise sessions.
  • TIP: Get plenty of sleep to allow your body to balance insulin levels.
  • Step 4: Count your intake Count your nutrition intake to be sure you are getting at least 30 grams of protein, 60 grams of carbs, and 30 grams of fat each day.
  • Step 5: Use positive thinking Use the power of positive thinking and picture yourself at your ideal weight. With your goal in front of you, even if you hit a few setbacks, you'll stay on the path to health and fitness.
  • FACT: Underweight women are at an increased risk for experiencing fertility problems.

You Will Need

  • High-calorie foods
  • Carbohydrates
  • Compund exercises
  • Nutrition and calorie charts
  • Positive attitude
  • Sleep (optional)

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