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How to Talk to Your Kids about Smoking

More than 4,400 kids begin smoking each day. Talk to your kids about smoking to keep them from joining the pack.


  • Step 1: Share the dangers Discuss the dangers of smoking with your kids. Show them pictures of and literature about the consequences of smoking Discuss health concerns associated with the habit, including cancer, emphysema, and heart disease.
  • TIP: Tell your kids about friends or family members who have suffered from smoking-related illnesses.
  • Step 2: Express addiction Discuss how addictive smoking is. A person can become addicted to nicotine over just a few days.
  • Step 3: Talk about peer pressure Talk to your kids about how to deal with peer pressure and smoking. Practice responses to peer pressure with your kids.
  • TIP: Keep your kids involved in activities that prohibit and discourage smoking.
  • Step 4: Ask questions Ask your kids what they believe are the positive and negatives of smoking. Listen and then discuss their thoughts.
  • Step 5: Share your story Express to your kids that you regret beginning to smoke if you are a smoker. Do not smoke around your kids and do not leave them in a place where cigarettes are accessible.
  • Step 6: Set rules Set rules against smoking and explain why these rules exist.
  • FACT: Worldwide, more than 5 million deaths are caused by tobacco use each year.

You Will Need

  • Pictures
  • Literature
  • Listening skills
  • Rules
  • Friends or family (optional)
  • Activities that prohibit smoking (optional)

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